Daniela Šafránková - testimonials

I asked my friend Daniela to paint a picture of the view from my apartment. I was so happy with the result, especially how she included some of my favorite interior pieces as well to capture the moment in time.

Daniela is an accomplished artist who brings her own style to all of her paintings. She has a way of drawing you into her unique vision, while always staying true to her subject. I have watched Daniela grow through the years as a painter and produce many beautiful works of art from around the world.

I am happy to display one of Daniela's paintings in my home.

Salli H., San Clemente, USA

Dear Daniela,

At first sight your painting evoked in us the smell of sea air and the memories of holidays. Absolutely relaxing.

Petr & Jiĝina P., Prague, Czech Republic

Daniela's paintings breathe life into modern interiors. Functional design becomes softer and brighter.
Anna B., Prague, Czech Republic

We collect Daniela's artwork because we like it so much and her colors soothe us.

Snezana & Peja, Prague, Czech Republic

Daniela is one of my favorite artists of all time!

Josey F., Prague, Czech Republic

We are fond of music. We were glad, when Daniela had chosen the musicial theme for her artistic interpretation.


As soon as we saw Daniela's paintings we were immediately impressed by the brightness of the colours she uses in her work. We like Daniela' paintings because we feel vitality springing from her vision of reality. For this reason we mostly appreciate her Prague views (buildings, streets and historical details), which become "standing and moving," colourful sights in her own interpretation.

Gemma and Francesco, Padua, Italy

"We are proudly owners of "Peach" by Daniela Safrankova, 90x70cm oil on canvas painting. We have it in our living room by the fireplace and, as the light changes, we discover many, new lovely faces of the painting. It is amazing how much depth the painting has and how you can imagine a whole new world behind it. It is all about positive emotions and calming feelings. We are looking forward to seeing more of Daniela's art in the future."

Flavia and Razvan Parvu

Hi Daniela,
Your beautiful painting, "Dancing on the Bridge", is framed and hanging in our room. The bright colors catch the eye and draw the viewer into the subject - its tumultuous past, mysteries, romances and bright moments. The eye is also drawn to the fluid movement of the Vltava River and the varied characters of its surroundings. Daniela, your painting is a wonderful reminiscence of one of our favorite views of the City.

Take care and best wishes!
Pat P., Phoenix, USA